How can I become a provider for Minuteman Health?
To become an In-Plan Provider for Minuteman Health call MHI Provider Services at 1-855-644-1776 (Select Option 2, then Option 5).

If you would like to become an In-Plan Provider for Minuteman Health, you may also send an e-mail or letter of interest to:

Provider Network Alliance
800 Washington Street, Box 6380
Boston, MA 02111
Via Email:
Via Fax: 877-892-7621

Please include in your letter your specialty, address of your practice, your e-mail address and the phone number where we can reach you. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.
What is Minuteman Health, Inc. (MHI)?
Minuteman Health, Inc. is a non-profit entity funded through the Affordable Care Act’s “CO-OP” program. CO-OP stands for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, and while CO-OP plans are regulated just like any other health insurer in Massachusetts, plan members elect the board of directors. The CO-OP must return any earnings to members in the form of premium reductions or added benefits. MHI is a unique, member-governed health insurance alternative to the existing large insurance companies in Massachusetts. Sponsored by a group of Massachusetts healthcare providers including Tufts Medical Center, New England Quality Care Alliance (NECQA) and Vanguard Health Systems, has been expanded to include thousands of providers throughout Eastern and Central MA.
What is Provider Network Alliance (PNA)?
“PNA” is the exclusive provider network for Minuteman Health, Inc. Because Minuteman is primarily focused on individual and small group product segments, PNA was formed to allow participating providers a vehicle to participate in a broader array of products and market segments, including employer self-funded plans. PNA is building a network of cost-effective providers in Eastern and Central Massachusetts. PNA and Minuteman are committed to maximum transparency and flexibility in risk contracting with the option to transition to full risk if and when a provider organization is ready.
Why were Minuteman Health, Inc. and PNA created?
Given the wide disparities in payments to healthcare providers in Massachusetts, consumers who get care from more cost-effective providers are subsidizing those who get care from higher-cost providers. The sponsors of MHI saw an opportunity to build a network of lower cost, high quality providers and to offer health care benefit packages that focus on a strong primary care relationship, local healthcare delivery decision making, and transparency for the provider and consumer.
What are the unique features of Minuteman Health, Inc. health plans?
MHI is financially secure, sponsored by highly credible local providers, has a unique level of consumer and provider focus, aims to return control of care management to providers and to patients, has sufficient funding to support rapid growth over a number of years without any concern for meeting reserve requirements, and 100% of any profit to be returned to members via lower premiums or improved benefits. Both Minuteman HMO and PPO plans require the member to identify a Primary Care Provider. All MHI plans must meet Massachusetts DOI and Health Connector standards, just like any other health plan offered in the state. Copays and deductibles will be similar to other plans sold through the Connector and through brokers.
What is PNA’s network development strategy?
PNA is building a network that is both broad and cost-effective. PNA wants to contract with any provider that shares its goals of cost-effective, locally based care.
Who will pay claims, do medical management, and answer provider calls?
Minuteman is partnering with Health New England (HNE) in Springfield, MA to administer the Minuteman Health plans. HNE and is among the highest-ranked health plans in the country, and has an excellent track record for clinical and operational quality. HNE will pay claims and do medical management for Minuteman, and PNA will maintain its own provider relations team, responding to provider questions about contracts, credentialing, reimbursement, and other matters. There will be a single point of contact for all provider inquiries, and calls will be transferred to the appropriate team promptly.
Who will credential participating providers?
PNA will credential all participating providers in its network in conformance with NCQA standards. PNA has contracted with Optum, a leading credentials verification organization (CVO), to assist in verification, and PNA is also using CAQH to make provider data gathering as efficient as possible. PNA Provider Services representatives will work directly with provider organizations to gather any required data that is not available in CAQH, and will coordinate with practice managers or credentialing coordinators at participating provider organizations to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
How will I identify a member?
Minuteman members will have an ID card that will also carry the PNA logo, with instructions on how to submit electronic or paper claims as well as how to contact provider services.
Will Minuteman/PNA produce a provider manual with more operational detail?
Yes, PNA’s provider manual for Minuteman plans will be finalized shortly and will be available on the Minuteman Health and PNA provider portals, or as a PDF that can be emailed on request.
What if I have additional questions?
Please contact Cindy Agostino, PNA’s Provider Relations Manager at or via phone at 877-892-7621 x603.
How do I appeal a claim?
Providers have one year from the date of service to submit an appeal. A Provider Appeal must be submitted on the Provider Appeal Review Sheet (located under Provider Forms on or in the Minuteman Provider Manual.